E-commerce Shipping Software: Entrepreneurs Choose OrderCup for 2018

E-commerce Shipping Software

Are you looking for the best ecommerce shipping software out there for your own online store? Then don’t worry, because you are definitely not the only one. Millions of e-commerce owners out there struggle every day with finding the perfect solution that will help them with the shipping of their products, and with so many options available, the decision is not only difficult, but it can also get super overwhelming. OrderCup is one of the best solutions of this kind out there right now, so in this article, we are going to talk to you a little bit about it with the hope that it will help make your decision a lot easier.

Ecommerce Shipping Features

Since the first thing that people usually look for are all of the amazing features that a certain solution can offer them, we’ll start off with what OrderCup can offer you. The dashboard of this software is one that is incredibly well-organized and that will allow you to integrate your existing shopping cart with it. By doing this, all of your existing orders will be automatically transferred to the software dashboard where you will have a very clear outlook on all of them. This software is actually more than just a regular shipping software because it has a lot of multi carrier shipping options, so it has a lot of the functions that you would expect from a multi-carrier shipping solution. The software works with USPS, UK Mail, DX and of course DHL and you will also be able to integrate with worldwide shipping carriers, so you will be able to sell to Europe, Australia and Asia as well. Automated shipping process, label printing, and scheduled shipment pickup are just a few of the many other features that you are going to get with this software.

Price for the Solution

The second thing that people usually want to talk about is the price, so we are going to talk about that next. This e-commerce shipping software has separated their plans in five different tiers, and in order to make things a little more fun for their customers, they have decided to name those five tiers after the sizes of Starbucks drinks. So basically, there are plans ranging from Short to Trenta and each step up in the size means a step up in the pricing as well. Of course, the bigger the plan the more options and features you also get, things like more sales channels, more users, more monthly shipments and so on. The cheapest, short plan, begins at $20 a month for 500 shipments, and the prices goes all the way up to $180 for the Trenta plan that gives you 12.000 shipments a month.

Who should use the shipping software

This solution is the perfect choice for any business owner that has a monthly shipment rate between 500 and 12.000 shipments and that only has a need for up to 12 users on the platform. As we mentioned before, the software is based on a 5 tier pricing system and that is something that makes it very available to merchants of different sizes so that even a startup company can afford a plan that suits their business at the moment, and then they can upgrade as their business grows because the five tiers make the software very scalable.

Being that this is one of the rare ecommerce shipping software solutions that score almost five start amongst users, we can definitely say that we recommend it. If even after reading all of this you are not exactly sure that this is the software for you, then feel free to take advantage of the free 30 day trial and try OrderCup before you settle for it.
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